We care about the world we live in and the impact we have that’s why we support and donate 1% of all sales revenue back to charities and organisations.


Here’s a few of the organisations we support.

Wyre Community Land Trust

The Wyre Forest is no wilderness. For centuries, people worked the land. And, by carefully managing the farms and forests, they created a special environment, rich in wildlife and plant species. At the Wyre Community Land Trust, the team and their volunteers want to put this landscape back to work. It’s not about turning back the clock. It’s about building a sustainable future – by nurturing the environment, offering great value local products, and making it more viable for more people to earn a living from the land.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading local charity working to conserve and restore wildlife and wild places. They protect amazing wildlife, together with members and volunteers, they work to protect wildlife across Worcestershire, both on their 80 nature reserves and through their work with others.