We know a thing or two about a decent drop.

We have worked hard to create a perfect handcrafted range.

We create premium botanical spirits with natural ingredients foraged from the Wyre Forest and surrounding land. We carefully hand pick, select and blend the finest botanicals to ensure the most amazing drinking experience for consumers. We are continually striving, learning and experimenting to bring out the perfect small-batched seasonal limited editions to showcase the very best of our surroundings.

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From the outset, we set out to do things differently. We are committed to both quality and sustainability ensuring our status as a leading spirits brand. What does this mean?


Based in the heart of the Wyre Forest and nestled above six and a half thousand acres of British oak, silver birch and Douglas fir trees, the history of the forest gave us the inspiration for Wildjac. For much of prehistory, it was a ‘wildwood’, and you will still find rowan, hazel and ash among the oaks today.

‘Prudence’ is our beautiful Still, named after a famous ‘Severn Trow’ cargo boat that sailed botanicals & spices to our local port of Bewdley in the early 19th Century. Evolving Traditional Distilling techniques and embracing state of the art technology we have been able to reduce our carbon foot print and produce truly sustainable, eco-friendly spirits.

We are constantly working to source the very highest quality botanicals & spices. Our passion is for homegrown and locally foraged ingredients from deep in the forest, this is where we are at our happiest. Douglas Fir from the forest and Lemon balm from our garden, the natural world around us influences and inspires us.

Doing things differently